there is so much i COULD write but not really sure what i SHOULD write, so bear with me as i ramble … it’s nearly the end of June. i’ve [somewhat] started counting down to my return to the states. i leave 5 weeks from tomorrow. it’s colder than last month so i now live in long underwear. work is relaxing, hard, mind numbing and rewarding all in the same day. and last month i managed to walk nearly 100k on some of New Zealand’s amazing tracks. i’m pleased with what i accomplished but i was silly to think it would make me feel satiated. i am itching for another summer in New Zealand to pack my trusty pack, concoct more amazing backpacking meals and bear the weight of beer and whiskey far further than anyone in their right mind should.
but for now, here are some photos of the various places i’ve been in the last month …
Nelson Lakes … i went there in part because i am a Nelson and in part because it’s absolutely stunning.

the Heaphy Track … having heard that this track is the longest of the Great Walks and that the terrain changes more than on any other walk, i decided though it might be a logistical nightmare, this would be the BIG walk i’d do. absolutely no regrets. it was fantastic. more fantastic than i can put into words. the scenery was stunning. the solitude was therapeutic. the people were kind. and the accomplishment was blissful.

i ended up staying at 4 of the huts which was a great way to do it. folks say you can do it in 3 nights/4 days, but if anyone reading this is thinking about it, i’d encourage the extra night/day. if you are a lover of all the things i value, it’s so worth it to take your time.