I have had the pleasure of working with Jess on several occasions. She captured the unique personalities of our cat and dog and created the most breathtaking canvas images for display in our home.

Jess is passionate about her work and truly puts the animals and their handlers at ease. She has amazing talent and I am happy to recommend her work to anyone looking to capture a special image forever.


mom of Zeus + Sigmund and foster to many!


photographer + creative guru

I am nuts about traveling and cultures; about amazing fabric patterns and hand made journals; about baking pies and new recipes; about brewing beer and drinking beer and about family, friends and of course, my girls (Tarra + Digi).


My name is Jess and I am the sole photographer, emailer and dog treat baker behind Chocolate Moose Images. I am a Minnesotan at heart but found myself in the great state of Iowa just long enough to bleed Black and Gold. I have had the amazing fortune to travel and live abroad and I can not wait for my next adventure. At home I absolutely love rainy and snowy days so I can get up late and sew or bake to my hearts content without feeling guilty I’m missing out on the Minnesota sunshine.

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Another Morning

From where I lie, I can hear scampering nearby. Paws pounding against the floor. Bodies coming up against walls and furniture. I take note of the time; 5:24am. I readjust myself - moving pillows and limbs - with the hopes that the sound will no longer reach me in this...

... lover of animals, travel, quilting and pie