I have had the pleasure of working with Jess on several occasions. She captured the unique personalities of our cat and dog and created the most breathtaking canvas images for display in our home.

Jess is passionate about her work and truly puts the animals and their handlers at ease. She has amazing talent and I am happy to recommend her work to anyone looking to capture a special image forever.


mom of Zeus + Sigmund and foster to many!


photographer + creative guru

I am nuts about traveling and cultures; about amazing fabric patterns and hand made journals; about baking pies and new recipes; about brewing beer and drinking beer and about family, friends and of course, my girls (Tarra + Digi).


My name is Jess and I am the sole photographer, emailer and dog treat baker behind Chocolate Moose Images. I am a Minnesotan at heart but found myself in the great state of Iowa just long enough to bleed Black and Gold. I have had the amazing fortune to travel and live abroad and I can not wait for my next adventure. At home I absolutely love rainy and snowy days so I can get up late and sew or bake to my hearts content without feeling guilty I’m missing out on the Minnesota sunshine.

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four years on

^ wandering around Paris – May 2015 ^ Obligatory footnote … this post is about my life – the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. If you are new to my blog, new to my life or just want to catch up on my writing from the last few years, these would be good posts to take a look at… It’s a down and dirty summary of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, all in chronological order. I’m not a jewelry kind of girl one year ago murtemberfest another year the adventure starts here smiling is my favorite exercise emotions run wild making it happen “you a party girl?” That last one is to lighten the mood. It’s also possibly my favorite story from my recent trip to Europe. Anyways, moving right along… …………….. I am so torn on whether or not 4 years is a long time … And I’ve been staring at the screen so long that I think I just need to play Switzerland in this debate and go right down the middle. On the one hand, it is a long time; it’s the average time that people go to high school. Or university. It shows a commitment. “I’ve been with ‘them’ for 4 years.” “Wow, 4 years!” You can really do a lot in 4 years!! Heck, in just 2 years I’ve lived in another country, traveled to 7 others, photographed dairy cows in Portugal and been employed by 6 different businesses. And those are just SOME highlights. But 4 years is also no time. No time in the scheme...

a quick European Adventure photo update

Yep. That is the title of my post. Am I trying to be clever? Nah – just being honest. This really is a quick update with photos from what I have dubbed my European Adventure. Over the last few weeks I have been slowly working on photos from my whirlwind 92 days abroad. And at this point I am feeling rather guilty that I haven’t written anything in the 4 weeks I’ve been back in the states. I’d also like to know where 4 weeks went?! the Duomo in Florence as seen from the bell tower – possibly the best thing I did in Florence! would recommend everyone do this EARLY in the morn. seriously. get out of bed, grab an espresso and go directly here.      With hundreds of photos to comb through, I’m not quite ready to whip up posts on everything, however I feel like I’ve got some fun ones that can stand on their own. As always, connect with me on Instagram to see the latest and [self described] greatest photos from my days. There are often cats on there. Shocking, I’m sure!!   oh just Roman ruins… no big deal. oh wait. that’s AMAZING and a HUGE deal!  So kick back and enjoy this peek at a few neato spots around Europe that I spent at least one day (though no guarantees on 2+ … this lady kept movin!) Naples post eating the most amazing pizza of my life and pre eating octopus on the ocean  Spanish sardines cooked on the beach in a lazy suzan boat thingy … so cool and decently hard to explain without a follow up photo. Patience, please   One of the countless castles in Germany. This...

On the [Spanish] open road

After struggling to get wifi most places along my travels, I’m absolutely amazed that I have been given wifi on a bus. ALSA in Spain just got my vote for best bus company in Europe!!  Goodness. So if you’ve been keeping up on my Instagram posts, you’ll know that I’m still moving around Europe at what feels like lightning speed. Thus far I’ve been to 4 countries in my 2.5 months and I still have 2 more to go in the next 3 weeks. It’s been amazing, exhausting, challenging, liberating and unforgettable. And there is so much to outline on here I feel a bit overwhelmed. I have been trying to keep up on my photo editing and have done a pretty ok job. This last week has been an epic trip through Spain with just 2 nights in each of the 3 cities I desperately wanted to dip my toe in; Barcelona, Granada and Seville.  To start, all 3 cities blew me away. On the surface I think it’s safe for me to say that Spain is a country I could see myself spending an extended period of time in. Of all the places I’ve been this far, in Spain life is a bit slower, a bit more relaxed, a bit more understandable (since my high school Spanish has been able to get me further than I expected!) and a bit warmer. Ok. Truth be told, Seville was hot. Like, mid 90s. Way hotter than I expected to encounter on this trip. The thick fleece sweatshirt I lived in in France back in March was almost embarrassing to...

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