1_31, originally uploaded by photo*guru.

howdy! it seems funny to me that under most circumstances i would consider myself a pretty technologically savy person. With flickr, however, I am NOT! i just don’t understand things and i am usually working with a good amount of photos that to just test and play with things is a bit of a pain. {thank you Deb for all your assistance!!!} I have joined the party of people who are attempting to do 1 photo a day for a year. I started in January and already i have realized my life is boring. But that is not the point of this post. In fact, i just stumbled across the ability to post to your blog directly from flickr. Another thing i knew NOTHING about! So this is a bit of a test and a bit of a show and a bit of a link. I have all my photos from January uploaded to my flickr site and this specific image is from my birthday bash. Me gusta!

Have a lovely Tuesday, and I’ll post more pics later.