It is sunny out! I woke up this morning and the doom and gloom of the last week had passed. How delightful. Sunshine, you betta stay in town!


Once again, I am leaving my state behind to head down to New Mexico. And I couldn’t be more excited! I know I just got back from a vacation {well, i guess it’s been over a month} but I could honestly use some time away from the office. I’m going down for a trade show this weekend {per my other job} to chit chat about our products and meet some friendly clients. Lots of talkin’, walkin’ and eatin’!

I thought because I was going back down to New Mexico, I would post a photo via New Mexico in February. The little orange guy at the top is Bandit. He is the feline of our good friends that live down in that perpetually warm state. Their excellent backyard is filled with all kinds of plants and critters that the kitties just love to play in!


And one more! I love this series! It come from White Sands park and is quite characteristic of how our trip went: crazy and sandy!

Choco Moose, signing off. See ya when I get back!