another week has come and gone. I am going out of town this weekend to spend some time in Iowa. Hope it’s sunny everywhere because it’s about darn time the weather started shaping up!

a few thoughts before i go….

i know it’s not corn season but this is what i think of when i think of Iowa. gobs. and gobs. AND gobs of corn.


And as i’ve mentioned before, i love beer. i do. lots of kinds. I’ve decided i love it because i am addicted to carbonation. More than beer i love bubbles! One thing that is happening this weekend in Iowa is that Millstream Brewery {which is a small local brewer in the Amana Colonies} is tapping their Maifest keg. yahoo! I’m packed up and ready to g0, complete with 3 empty growlers that will come back to this chilly state full.


that is where i’m headed. where breakfast is all you can eat family style. yum!

Have a great weekend! Very excited to work on some more portraits and web updates when I get back. Stay tuned…