exciting news around the Chocolate Moose Images hub {aka, my house} … The weekend of June 6th and June 7th is going to be the first FREE CHOCOHOUND photo weekend. I’m suuuper excited about the event! If you have contacted me already, you have probably already heard back from me with more info and if you haven’t contacted me already, now is your chance! I am going to be filling up my Sunday schedule first in 1/2 hour intervals starting at 7:30am until 10:30am and then breaking for the hot afternoon to edit pictures, take a siesta or play with any lingering dogs and will resume at 5:30 until 8:30. The reason I’m filling Sunday first takes me to my next order of business…

We are having a garage sale!! I love garage sales. I love shopping at garage sales. I love random awesome finds such as 1/2 a Mason Jar salt and pepper shaker set. Yes, that means just 1 jar. I don’t use salt so I really only need 1/2 the set. The garage sale is at the same location as the photo session located in Riverfalls, WI. So, come one. Come all! It will be a sale NOT to miss!

I am also going to be doing some photos on Saturday, but it will be a bit more on a limited basis for this particular weekend because of my need to work hard to sell my fabulous stuff that just doesn’t fit in my life any more {ummmm extra scrapbook supplies anyone ;)}

 need for dogs_mpls

I’ve been working on a few new updates for the website with some new photos and colors and so on, but it’s not quite ready. What I do have are a couple new-ish photos of Roux. I know it’s not quite as exciting, but it’s something more visual to look at 🙂


Have a great Wednesday night! Mine will consist of some delicious fish and a lot of photoshop editing. Horay, I love that program.