Dear Labor Day Weekend,

I can’t believe you are here already! So many weekends this summer were scooped up by fun events and are now a thing of the past. Camping, Twins game, Iowa, rafting, kayaking, swimming, kitties!, good food, good friends, lots of beer. But really, is it time for fall Already?! I do love the fall weather and the leaves turning and the crispness in the air. Apple orchards are my favorite. I am craving more campfires and fires in my fire place, but it is all a bit bitter sweet. Even if things are warm, the days of summer are nice in large part because I know that those cold {super cold} crappy days of winter are a full season away. But now, they are right around the corner within sight. Oh well – can’t stop time so I will embrace another fall season.

Today is State Fair day in my house, and I can’t wait!! We are going to eat so much delicious food and see some animals and hear some music and eat some more food and take some photos.

IMG_0408  IMG_0427

And then our annual camping trip will be under way tomorrow. Off to Whitewater State Park for another great weekend of fun.

So in conclusion, Labor Day Weekend, you have come as a bit of a shock but I am excited for all the events (and photo ops) you have in store.



ps… For everyone who has joined me on recent weekend adventures, I promise, I haven’t lost the photos.