As I sit here trying to come up with descriptive words for Spencer I am stuck on ‘turkey stealer’ and ‘glass breaking tail…’

IMG_6219 copy  IMG_6254 copy 

Spence has been a staple at Nelson family events for years and years, and a fun dog to run and play with. He is a black lab that has one heck of a happy {and dangerous} tail and a taste for all things people food. Seriously – I bet he would eat a salad if he knew it came from the table.

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Fast forward to present day and we find Spence relaxing in retirement at his Duluth home. Spence used to be a truckin’ fool and traveled all around this country with his truckin’ mama Pat. And now? He relaxes on the living room rug eating bon-bons watching Animal Planet. What a life …


IMG_9402 copy  IMG_9406 copysss

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Well Spence, keep on howlin buddy! But maybe a tic-tac would make people listen closer? Just a suggestion…  Thanks Caren and Pat! Your pups are bundles of fun!!