I know I’ve said it before, but it truly is always a treat to get down to Iowa to visit everyone. A few weeks back I posted just a handful of photos from the festivities and then last weekend I one-upped myself and made a fancy-smancy video. I still don’t really understand iMovie, but I’m sure in time that will come. Anyways, here are more photos from that weekend…

IMG_9556 copy  IMG_9557 copy

IMG_9560  IMG_9579

… I am starting to wonder how many total photos I have of this guy. I don’t even want to think about how long that would take me to figure out! Probably not really worth it – but something I’m getting more and more curious about. But yet again, I have to thank Mr Mur for being my model. It would be a lot harder to stake out fabulous spots without you.

 IMG_9709 copy  IMG_9775

 IMG_9765 copy  IMG_9790 copy

 IMG_9789  IMG_9907

 IMG_9926 copy  IMG_9927 copy

 IMG_9928  IMG_9934

IMG_9945 copy  IMG_9952 copy

And last but not least, here is the full fledged video I did. Please excuse the choppy music cut, I was just trying this out for fun to see what happened. I’m really digging it so maybe I will make more movies? Ya never know with me. I’m so shifty – anything can happen.


… CUTE family. Nuff said.

mur beer And what goes better with family portraits than beer and football? Ha – nothing is the answer to that one. If only there were some photos of the rockstar football game where I kicked Mur’s butt. At least I still have grass stains to prove it. Hey Hun, want a rematch?

IMG_9624 copy  IMG_9604 copy

… and what Iowa trip is complete without a few new kitty pictures.

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to see you guys again come November. We will rock the Gopher’s socks off! Yes – that’s a threat 🙂