… I really do love people in love. You can’t help but smile and be happy! Here is part 2  – the much longer part – of all the fantastic cold fun Tony, Erin and I had last weekend. I had a hoot and loved so many of these photos that I had to post gobs of them. Enjoy!

IMG_6088 copy IMG_6105_copy copy

IMG_6110 copy IMG_6119 copy

IMG_6128 copy

IMG_6139 copy IMG_6156 copy

For the engagement photos we decided to meet up in a park not too far from Hudson, WI. It was so sunny that it almost didn’t seem cold – almost.

IMG_6171 copy IMG_6172 copy

IMG_6200 copy IMG_6202 copy

One of my favorite things was how Tony could so easily make Erin laugh!!

IMG_6217 copy  IMG_6226 copy

IMG_6232 copy IMG_6241 copy

IMG_6268 copy IMG_6269 copy

IMG_6276 copy IMG_6279 copy

IMG_6281 copy IMG_6294 copy

IMG_6298 copy IMG_6308 copy

What a WONDERFUL idea to go down to the dam! So pretty!! And a much easier water feature to get to!

IMG_6321 copy IMG_6337 copy

IMG_6317 copy IMG_6333 copy

IMG_6382 copy

IMG_6374 copy IMG_6340 copy

… and last but not least, the ring on a pumpkin! Tony had a very creative and cute way to ask Erin to marry him – he cut a hole in a pumpkin, shoved the ring inside and waited for her to scoop it out. Nice job Tony!!

IMG_6404 copy

I can’t wait for your wedding this October! I am so excited to see all the cute and amazing details that you come up with! And in the mean time, let’s make sure we get our Sushi making date rescheduled 🙂