March 15th, 2011 … seriously – where did the first 2 1/2 months of this year go?!! Sometimes I really can’t get over how fast life moves. Not that I wish it would slow down all the time, but certain things – vacations or time at home or days with family and kitties – I wish would come to a screeching halt. But alas – we keep on trucking through things. Growing older and wiser.

2011 I know is going to be a big year. BIG. I can’t wait!! But at the same time, I can, you know? I want to savor all that has happened and will happen! I want to learn. I want to grow. I want to challenge myself. I want to take more photos than I’ve ever taken. I want to paint a room. I want to scrapbook. I want to camp. I want to cook. I want to spend more time with people I love. I want to day dream. I just want to be. And love it!

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Part of my goal in 2011 is to keep up on the blog world – both with mine and reading and learning from others. I feel like mine is a great, great way to keep up on my thoughts, ideas and dreams. I love that it can be so personal and intimate yet is presented to a huge audience of the whole stinkin internet but only those who know of it, find it. It feels secretive in a way. Like your favorite hole in the wall coffee shop no one else really knows about. That kind of a feeling.

Well one thing that’s no surprise is that the beginning of the year in Minnesota is pretty blah and dull. I find it hard to stay inspired and continue blogging. I think next year I need to plan something just to do that… Note to self – get something on the calendar for 2012. But seriously You get over the hump of the holidays and want to just chilax until you see sunshine again. That is a big factor in why the blog has been so empty and quiet these last few months. One of my favorite things to do is take a big batch of photos I can hardly wait to download to my computer, then to organize them into my absolute can’t-believe-these-are-so-neat photos, then edit, then pour a glass of wine and whip up some witty blog post! And it’s even better if it can be done out on the square behind my place. Ah – I am getting antsy for summer just thinking of these great, great things!!

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So far this year I have done 3 photo shoots, had a birthday, been to Texas, been sick, been to Mexico, been snowed in, booked a few more sessions and 2 weddings, acquired a copy of Lightroom, fell back in love with cleaning and sewed my very first project on my very own sewing machine! Woot! I’m off to a great start, huh? And with the rest of my year? I plan to spoil my cats even more rotten than they already are. I plan to see Harry Potter in the theater. I plan to reminisce in my mom’s favorite cook books and cook my way through them. I plan to travel to Seattle, California, the North Shore and Iowa. I plan to really, really dedicate lots of blood, sweat and tears to my business. I plan to learn from my idols – and not the American kind. I plan to culture myself with a smattering of movies. I plan to finally finish Wicked – it’s only taken 2 years. I plan to throw my very first bridal shower (eek!) and collaborate with Mur on the food/drink combo. I plan to donate my time to some amazing charities! And I plan to do all kinds of things I don’t even know about yet. What an amazing year in store for me, right??

Ah – just listing all this stuff gets me so excited!! So now my promise here is that I will blog all of these amazing events. I plan to share my stories and my images. What is one without the other, right? At this point I have a slew of photos to widdle through but will be back shortly with images of beaches, food, pups and delight. Hold tight, folks!! And I appreciate those avid visitors that check back every day for new posts. Soon, I promise!!

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… but until then, sleep – eat – be well and enjoy the last of the snow. Spring is around the corner!!! Ah! So excited!!! Smile