Today is Sunday and I’m real excited. Not so much excited for tomorrow to be Monday but excited that I have all day to do what I want to do and what I need to do. I feel like I have been doing nothing but moving since I got home on Friday. It was moving to fun things, but still moving. I love my weekends so much and really just wish they would be 3 days long each week. That would be truly awesome. Meh.

So today on my plate I have photo editing, box painting, laundry washing, kitty scratching, photo locale searching and grocery shopping. While I’m excited for what I have today I’m positive once it is 8pm I’m going to be bumming. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m not ready for the work week. Especially when it sounds like it’s going to be really really nice weather wise. Oh well, there is always next weekend!

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… but what Sunday isn’t made better with a picture of a kitty. Probably none. Have a great day!!