While in Mexico there were 4 animals I wanted to take photos of; a goat, a street dog, a donkey and a cat. Never did get the shot of the donkey but managed to get photos of the other 3. My favorites are of a dog I met on the beach. She seemed really pretty nice but also uninterested in the ‘average-joe’ with no food. She did seem to have an amazing life – wander around the town of Mazunte, crash on the beach for a bit, get food from tourists, snooze again, go swimming, repeat. Nice.

IMG_7149 copy

She was super relaxed and didn’t seem to mind me putting the camera in her face, which was lovely.

IMG_7139 copy IMG_7136 copy

IMG_7146 copy

IMG_7135 copy IMG_7140 copy IMG_7138 copy

Yep – photos of beach dogs has the same effect on me as photos of the beach itself … I want to go back.


well, at least I felt warm weather the other day and know that before TOO long we will have our own beachy days.
I love Minnesota – I do – but I REALLY love warm weather also. Come on Sunshine!

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