It was a year ago this weekend that I was fortunate enough to bring two lil girls into my life … Nope – not kids. But sometimes they whine like them! They are my kitties.


They have brought a lot of things to my life … excessive cat hair AND under furniture dusting, early.early mornings AND never stressing my alarm wont go off, scratches AND an appreciation for layers, a loss of many many hair binders and, well, a loss of many many hair binders. They are still incredibly active now that they are as old as ‘high-school seniors’ and very demanding but boy, do I love them. They cuddle like no other kitty can and always greet me when I get home. They miss me when I’m away and know how to push my buttons to get me out of bed in the morning. They chat with me both at home and in the car and have an incredible sense for adventure.

They are my girls and I am so happy to have them. Happy Gotcha Day!