What a week!! I just spent the last 6 days driving across the country with my dad and his dog, visiting some great friends whose backyard is Yellowstone River and front yard is Yellowstone park and taking quite a few photos of the amazingness around me.

It was great. I’m exhausted.

I am really looking forward to Sunday when I have nothing going on and I can decompress in my apartment with my cats and computer. Funny how vacations often don’t really relax you and instead you need a vacation from your vacation in the end.

Oh well, I’m home. And I’m so excited to go and pick these little ones up from the cat sitter (my awesome aunt!) … I suspect they are going to be extra cuddly today when they get home. Well, once they get over how pissed they are for me shoving them into a cat carrier and putting them in the car for 45 minutes. Then they will be cuddly for sure 🙂

 the girls_choco moose-1918 the girls_chocolatemooseimages-2549

Sit tight, many more photos on the horizon!