Oh boy. I’m not sure there is anything I love more during a photo shoot than an AH-MAZING sunset with an amazing animal and their family!! Seriously, I get giddy!!

That is exactly what happened with the photos of Indi from last week. As Indi + family were walking me to one of their favorite spots to swim I had to stifle my squeals of excitement the further down the path we walked. The sun was amazing, the clouds were amazing, the privacy was amazing, the outfits were amazing, the people were amazing and Indi was pretty amazing as well 🙂 



what a sweetie!!!! 🙂 i love what i do but it’s always extra fun when i know the folks i’m working with. Thanks Tyler and Kathleen for sharing your night, splashing around in the lake and introducing me to your pretty incredible pup!!! 🙂