i love puppies. i think most people probably love puppies. for some i’m sure they feel the same about puppies as i feel about babIes; they are so cute and cuddly and drooly but then at some point you think ‘yeah i’m ok sending this peanut home with their family!’ … but i really, really love puppies and would take them all home if i could! one of these days i hope to end up on a HUGE plot of land so i can have many critters scampering too and fro with their butterfly friends through streams and wooded areas towards the rainbow that clearly will be a staple on my land given the former picture i have painted.

but i digress. puppies is the topic at hand today.

this beautiful girl is Samara and i am over the moon about her. if only i could have smuggled her back to Minnesota with me!

Samara the cattle dog puppy on the beach at Big Sur

she is the newest addition to a good friend’s life and i’m so happy she is there! Samara is loyal and CRAZY smart so she has become the perfect traveling companion. I got to spend 5 days out in California with these guys and loved every minute of it. Labor Day weekend has become a highly emotional and reflective weekend for me (see this post and this post if you would like a recap of the last few anniversaries) so it was amazing to not only be with a good friend but to be with a good friend AND his puppy amongst some of the most beautiful spots in California. The weekend went off without a hitch, but more on that later (i promise!). This right now is all about Princess Samara.

Samara the cattle dog loves to ride in the car


_MG_5274      _MG_5393


_MG_5498     _MG_5514



With her being only 13 weeks old I can’t wait to see how big she gets!! Right now she thinks she is a lap dog and LOVES to cuddle right up next to your face. I’m not sure she is going to be able to do that thaaaaat much longer 🙂 But for now, I know everyone she comes in contact with is taking advantage of her love for love.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts that came rolling in over the weekend!! Things went well, all things considered. But again, more on that side of the adventure soon!