I am getting more and more excited the more and more I figure things out 🙂 Here is a run down of my day so far, and the day is young.


* edited more Roux photos. I am nearing the end of the training/sample work with her. I am taking pictures of my Aunt’s dog tomorrow which is exciting as well. A new dog! And she is deaf, so probably a few challenges with that as well.

* started working on more specifics with the business. Such as what will be included and offered to my special special clients.

* worked on a logo for a pal at work. She has changed her studio name so I get to be involved with the making of the logo. I will post her blog once she is up and running.

* the sun is shining! always a plus.

So for now, on the fabulous Friday, I will leave you with a new image. Enjoy!!