In doing some searching this morning for a possible new hosting site that gives me some different features, I came across wordpress. So far, there are some pros that I like, and some cons that I don’t. But I am testing the waters for now. I do like that I can offer clients their own page on here and it is password protected. That would be nice until I could save enough money and make it worth it to invest in one of the greatest online shopping cart/image hosting companies, Pickpic.

I did some playing this morning with photos that I already have to see what sort of additional fun things I could come up with. This is what I’ve got….


It is ROUX in HDR. I love HDR images! I really want to play with them a bit more and maybe I can have them be an intigrated part of my dog photography. I’ll have to try some more with images i already have.

For now, I must go shower and get ready for the Photo Shoot. I am excited because the day is a lot more lovely than it was supposed to be, and I haven’t ever really assisted in this kind of a shoot before. It should be very educational! Thanks dad!  Have a great day everyone. And welcome 🙂