I finally did it! I purchased web space. I haven’t officially launched yet, so it isn’t totally ready for viewing pleasure, however it exists. I have gallery space, client viewing space and informational pages. I’ve edited a few screen shots to give you a taste… ūüôā



So far, with the people I’ve shown it to, I have had positive feed back. I hope everyone else will like it, too! I’ll keep you posted on the official launch. I feel so creative… I am officially launching something. It’s so Elsie.

As it turns out, web building and designing is a time consuming process! I have been doing almost nothing but work and web scoping and work and sleep and web hunting the last week 1/2. In the mean time, I did do a bit of Roux picture taking. I am still on the hunt for that perfect sleeping photo. I haven’t scored it yet, but I did get some good ones of her on my bed.¬†Looking at all of them of her cuddled up in blankets makes me sleepy and long for my bed.


I think I will make some more tea, and head that direction. The location of her jingling collar signals to me that there will be a battle for bed space.  The joys of having a spoiled animal.

I am back to normal hours tomorrow, which is delightful! I know, 2 weeks of overtime is nothing in comparison to some people’s jobs, but I am not used to it.¬†An¬†8 hour work day gives me more time to do other things like¬†finish decorating the¬†Christmas¬†tree, clean up the house a bit for family, finish¬†wrapping presents,¬†do more reading and take more pictures.¬†

*Yawn* have a swell night and day tomorrow! ¬†Drive safe, wherever you are. It’s nasty out!