Hello all holiday go-ers. I hope that your Christmas eve day is going as splendid as mine.

I woke up to a dusting of snow which was just enough to be pretty and fluffy, and not ruin any driving. I went to a long over due hair appointment and told Trish to “do something different.” I think even with my vague request, I got what I was looking for. You are now looking at a girl with side swooping bangs. It’s growing on me, and I think I really like it. Way to go, Trish! Next, Pa and I set out to finish up our grocery shopping for the next 2 days with pounds upon pounds of food. We will be eating good for a while, let me tell you.

I am real excited about the holidays this year in part because we are back on track with our traditional Christmas Eve fiesta over at the Barcelow residence. Last year was great because Dad, Roux and I celebrated Christmas down in Iowa at my apartment, but it is nice to visit once again with that group of people. The food is always fab as are the guests. Then, tomorrow morning we are doing the typical Christmas morning thing… Coffee, presents, food, food and food. For the first year in a loooong time, we are actually celebrating our family Christmas on Christmas. We are hosting, and it should be great! Welcome Nelson/Hern/Pruchnofski clan!

Also – I am announcing the long awaited, greatly anticipated release of my… WEBSITE.


I know, I make it sound like hundreds of people have been waiting all night, in line and in the cold to see my website, which I will admit, is not totally true. But I’m sure some of you will get a kick out of it. Feel free to send me some feedback either from here or my contacts page on my website. I am still getting used to the term, my website. It’s not really a big deal, anyone can have a website, but I am just so excited that I have a website, and it even has my domain name, and everything!

Anyways, have a happy and save holiday! Stay tuned for further updates, and check out the site… I think it is lovely 🙂