i decided… first: I am going to post my 365 project on flickr to maybe help keep me going. I will stay super organized and so on BUT we’ll see because, second: i hate flickr. I don’t like their upload ‘rules’ and their editing options because i can’t figure out how to reorganize the files i am uploading. I have to upload them all individually to get them in the ‘upload’ order I want them in. Anyone know if there is another way?

Anyways – for now, you can go to flickr and search for ‘photo*guru’. That is my user name. I know – real cool, huh? I picked it a while ago when I was trying to “stand out in a crowd.” OR click here —-> photo*guru
Feel free to leave me comments on the pictures! I love notes!!! I’ll post more pictures soon – maybe even this weekend. I’ve got a real nice Saturday planned. Shopping for camera stuff, props and dog boutique type items.

Have a lovely Wednesday! 

oh – side note: the photo at the top of the post is my ‘title page’ for my project. I thought it would be fun to have a first page and a last page when I print it off an organize them.