I can’t believe it! It is Thursday. Thursday the 19th of February. That means that yesterday was the 18th of February and that even further away, Monday was the 16th. I have been swamped at work the last few days with over 1/2 our staff at a trade show, and I have pretty much lost track of my dates/days/hours/life. As it turns out, Monday was the day I was featured on this marvelous site called Macro Mutt. While i would love if all people interested in Pet Photography that looked at my site had me snap the shots, I know that isn’t possible because of geographic location. This site allows people who are looking for pet photographers to select their location and can see everyone in the area! I think it is a great idea!! This site was created by a guy named Chris who originally started a site called Four Legged Media which is a blog where dog lovers can find all kinds of links for all things dogs. From what I’ve seen, it is a great site! It is worth a gander! AND if you peek back to Monday you will see Chocolate Moose Images! In honor of the biz, i’ve got one from the vault. An oldie but goodie from the Roux archives.


Have a great Thursday. I am super excited because tomorrow I leave for vacation. I am road tripping it with Mur down to New Mexico. We’ve got plans for camping, eating, friend seeing and picture taking! I’m just so excited to take soooo many pictures of the south west! The change in scenery is going to be a little on the fabulous side.