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Dear Murray,

I have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should let me buy the fancy new camera I want … Please read and consider carefully before making any decision.

Reason 10: Because I have already saved money. I saved quite a bit purchasing this camera bag insert


instead of this camera bag


AND the top one didn’t even require me to purchase a new timbuk2 bag, which I thought it might. Another money saver right there. But I won’t make that it’s own reason. We can just link it with 10.

Reason 9: Because photography is not only my love but it is a fantastic job for me. And people really PAY me to take photos of their loved ones (furry or not) and tools are important for a job, as you well know. So in a short while (like, only 2 years) the camera will have paid for itself because of said job.

Reason 8: It is shiny. And new. And black.

Reason 7: Because while we could afford a vacation with the money spent on the camera, we couldn’t take awesome pictures on that vacation WITHOUT the camera. Think about that one.

Reason 6: Because I can take photos like this


and post them STRAIGHT out of the camera. No Photoshop. No nothing. Seriously, think of all the amazing photos I can take. I’m thinking of them. And they are amazing.

Reason 5: Let’s revisit number 6 because honestly, that is why you get a new camera. Superb, that’s what this baby is.

Reason 4: Because I haven’t bought ANY new camera gear in years. Literally, years. The last thing I purchased was my point and shoot, and that almost sorta doesn’t even count. Basically,  I’m due to shop!

Reason 3: Because this guy says so. And he really knows what he is talking about.


Oh – and just so you know. Another photo taken with the desired camera. Inside the camera store. And posted without any Photoshop. None. Zilch. Amazing, no? LOVE it!

Reason 2: Because it weighs 4oz. more than my current camera. Why does that mean anything?  Well, because I am carrying more weight around with me, I’m really just working out more than I have been. So it will take the place of having to get a gym membership.

Reason 1: Because let’s be honest, this is really a purchase that benefits you the most. You love having your photo taken, don’t deny it. And what better way to make you look more awesome than you already look than with this camera. Let me remind you of this photo…


And with my new camera, you would look even more fantastically GQ. Yep, think about THAT one.

So in conclusion, I really don’t see any reasons why I shouldn’t go out and snatch up this camera. And I’m sure after this fantastic presentation, you will agree.

Love, Jess