while it’s not incredibly late by any stretch, it’s really late for me. I’m exhausted. And I plan to be back at work in just under 8 hours. But for some reason, I’m just not really feeling like going to bed. Perhaps because I’m sitting here …


With these girls …

IMG_3434    IMG_3733 who right now are not being so peaceful. They are playing with Mur’s size 12 chacos. Which are about the length of them. Running in and out of the straps. Body slamming one another. You know, the usual kitty banter.

I can’t say I really have anything all that exciting to talk about, I just felt like I needed to post something and I found some fun photos I haven’t put up here yet, so a blog post was born.

And to conclude this bit about not very much, Tarrazu wanted to pass along a message … jasfSKEFKiaUHIWR hhhhhhhhhhhhhWHfuiuwaauiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii … straight from the kitty’s paw. One of these days I will have to take photos or make a video of how they so casually prance across my keyboard before lying down to take a little snooze. Makes sense, right? I often wonder if I would have the same antics as the kittens. And that might be why Mur thinks I need more friends.

Night night!