… after a day filled with quite a bit of eating and kitty snuggling, I’ve sat down at my computer to do something I haven’t done in what feels like a long while – just do what I want to do for how long I want to do it. I am catching up on some of my favorite blogs I have neglected to read since February + work promotion. And you know, it really makes me want to go pick up my camera, grab my kitties and some sunshine and have a hay day. Or walk out to a park, find a nice family, and see if I can take some photos for them. Kinda creepy, maybe. But in the end, it would be an incredibly happy experience!

But I find myself right back in that same orange chair in the corner of my living room hoping that inspiration is there in the morning when I wake up. The girls are well past asleep … not even sure where they are camped out. My usual ‘senior portrait model’ crashed even before ice cream, so he’s out of the running. And this isn’t really feeling like a self-portrait vibe.

Tomorrow is Sunday which sounds so lovely. It would be better if it was Saturday but I can deal. The fact that my only plan is to go to one store tomorrow makes me excited. I just want to relax and do nuttin I don’t want to do.


I can feel a storm rolling. Sleeping tonight will be pleasant, making sleeping in even more lovely. The kitties will join in around 6am and I can’t wait. They are really good at snuggling.