Before time gets away from me, like it usually does, I wanted to put together a small batch of photos from my BRIEF time in California at Sequoia and Kings Canon National Park. It has already been over a week since I was there, but a week in my time is like I returned yesterday to most people.

I happened to be on a work trip to California and after putting in an 9 hour day (starting at 4am) we took off to see the sights in the mountains near Fresno. What we found was nothing short of amazing…


 IMG_5075 IMG_5122

… the trees were huge! I had been to Muir woods before and seen the redwoods outside San Fran before, but these had more height to them. And the drive was really beautiful. I love how the landscape and the greenery changes so dramatically with elevation.

I’ve personally never been in the drivers seat in the mountains so that was a fun experience. At times I felt like the road would never unwind. Coming down was by far the best part. My worry about running out of gas was a thing of the past as soon as we started back down the mountain. Pretty sure I coasted the entire 30 miles and 4000+ft of elevation.

IMG_5120    IMG_5126 

It’s a bit hard to grasp the scale of these trees so even though these people are random, I did include a photo with a few (below) just so you can see what we’re talking about here. GIGANTIC! And sadly, all the huge trees were behind fence posts so I couldn’t show my love with a big ‘ol hug. A missed photo op, for sure.

IMG_5090   IMG_5101 

Then we cruised up an even more curvy single lane road – the kind of road where you pee your pants when you encounter a car from the other direction – but once we got to the top we saw this… quite a view!!!

IMG_5144   IMG_5153

Can’t wait to make it back again to do and see more than what a quick 2hr crash course has to offer.