You know what is even better than having a Friday off of work? Having three Fridays off of work in a row. This Friday is going to be rough. It was a nice treat (and in my opinion well deserved) to have those 3 days off in the last few weeks. First Friday I spent hanging out with Mur + his brother. Awesome. Second Friday I spent down in Iowa avoiding leaving the house because the humidity slapped you in the face the moment you did. Third was spent at my home… doing exactly what I wanted to do. During the day I came up with a list of 5 ways to make the most of any day off of work:


1. Make sure you wake up early: Yes – that sounds totally backwards but hear me out. My theory is if you wake up early (or at your normal wake up time) and just lay in bed for 2 hours, you’ve only wasted 2 hours of your precious day off AND you were totally aware of the fact that you just slept in 2 hours which increases the happiness factor right at the beginning of your day. Really, it’s a win win.

2. Have coffee + a banana cream pie snack pack for breakfast: Ha – nuff said with that one. It was delicious.

3. Stay in your PJs until it’s almost inappropriate: … And no, I don’t think CostCo counts. I totally went in my jammies.

4. Play with your kitties until they can’t stand you any more: I could understand this one being a bit tricky if you don’t have kitties but for your day off, you should really borrow some. It would be totally worth it!

5. At quitting time make sure you do a pretty serious happy dance: Why? Because you aren’t just leaving work right now. Nope, you have been at home ALL day. And likely, you had a beer with lunch. Can’t do that at work, can you? Nah.


… And of course, don’t forget to take some pretty photos of your day!


IMG_5282    IMG_5280

Now everyone reading this should be well equipped to have a fantastic day off next time it comes round. Questions/Comments/Concerns/Additions are always welcome and encouraged. This list is considered a work in progress.