One of my favorite summer activities is cabin party. Hands down. I love the vacation involved in going to Iowa. I love the ‘cabin’ atmosphere. I love that there is a body of water right next to the grass. I love that there is no real cabin. I love that I can get a wicked tan. And I love that it’s a weekend to just have ooooodles of fun with ooooodles of great people and eat ooooodles of amazing food.

After this year’s party I decided that I have a new project for next year; portraits of everyone. Why? Because I LOVE what I got this year but I missed some people. There are some that just don’t really like their photos taken but starting next year, I won’t accept that. Next year? You all will make it on here. If I can even get THIS guy, I will get you…

IMG_5620 copy

and aside from that I got these beauties:

IMG_5872 copy   IMG_5885 copy


IMG_5589   IMG_5601 copy


IMG_5603 copy   IMG_5605 copy


IMG_5595 copy  IMG_5783 copy

also typical…

IMG_5793 copy  IMG_5713 copy   

oh so much fun. right? But what more could I have then awesome faces, you ask? Awesome food! (as previously mentioned)

 IMG_5752 copy IMG_5753 copy IMG_5754 copy IMG_5756 copy 

… yes the third image may not look appetizing, but boy those brats and burgers were awesome! And even after a late night swim, they were fabulous midnight snacks.

IMG_5762 copy  IMG_5764 copy 

And the best fresh veggie salad ever! I know for certain it was a big hit and that when it came down to it, I scooped up the last veggies from the bowl. This was prior to …

IMG_5780 copy IMG_5781 copy IMG_5782 copy IMG_5784 copy  

“My legs are so vinegary!”

… ha! sorry, couldn’t resist. Seriously, such fun. I am a woman of little words tonight and feel the photos speak volumes of the festivities. Red cups. Mighty Arrow. A plethora of food. Bags. Badminton. Sand. Tractors. Goofy faces. Great people.