So I thought I would start my blog “come-back” with a pet portrait session. Why not? After almost 2 months of a hiatus, believe you me, I’ve got photos to share! And since this place is focused on portraits (and more so, PET portraits), let’s start there 🙂

Several (several!) weeks ago, I was up in Duluth on my way to some fun family festivities. While there I was asked to take some photos of the second newest dog to the family. Now, not to get too sidetracked, but our family is filled with a bunch of animal lovers. I did the math the other day and there are 7 of us people and between us 7, we have 7 cats, 6 dogs and 2 horses. That totals 15 animals. To 7 people. Hmm, I may have just sealed the deal on us being Crazy Cat Ladies… Meh – not too far from the truth.

Anyways, this new dog is a truck driving dog. And his name is Tai, which is short for MaiTai. He is a beautiful and young and spunky black lab. But really, what a great name for a pooch: MaiTai. It strikes me as a similar situation to me wanting to name my kitties Charles and Shaw. But that’s a different story.

Pat and Caren: these photos have only scratched the surface of the fun things I want to do! I’m excited to work with him more next time we meet up. Enjoy 🙂

IMG_6215 copy  IMG_6077 copy

IMG_6063 copy  IMG_6062 copy   

Oh my – Tai has energy! He would run, leap, bark, catch, work for treats and do it all over again. And again. And again.

IMG_6198 copy  IMG_6116 copy IMG_6147 copy  IMG_6186 copy IMG_6085 copy  IMG_6104 copy

What fun! Perhaps the next shoot should be at the truck? I feel like that could be fantastically awesome!