I started my morning out with a bang. Woke up at 7:30. Had 2 kitties sleeping at my knees. Made some coffee in my favorite mug. Sat in our breakfast nook and got out the computer. Kitties followed and curled up on my lap. I dove head first into months of photos. It was amazing!!

And by 11:00am, I had edited one of those months and created 2 blog posts. Horah! I then started doing other fun things. I created a set of menus for the rest of the week. Dinner tonight? Steak and a lemon risotto with cherry tomatoes. Yeah, it was delicious!

By 3:00pm I had established what the rattle was with my car. Spent quite a bit more on groceries than I intended. And scrubbed the weird kitchen stains out of my kitchen rug.

And by 9:00pm I had eaten delicious food, edited a fair amount of photos, spent a ton of time with my girls, spent a ton of time with Mur, established I will have amazing leftovers for lunch tomorrow and plotted this blog post.

I thought since I got through so much today I had to share some of the photos I unearthed. There are camping trips, cabin trips, a Twins game, the State Fair, weddings, a fabulous show downtown and good eats. Here is just a smattering of my summer fun:


Cedarwild Resort on Moose Lake in MN…

IMG_6394 copy IMG_6401 IMG_6279 copy IMG_6323

Wedding in St. Paul, MN…

IMG_7030 copy IMG_6584 IMG_6587 IMG_6633 copy IMG_6750 copy IMG_7000 copy


State Fair:

IMG_7432 copy IMG_7436 copy

IMG_7385 copy IMG_7405

Labor Day Weekend:

IMG_7696 copy IMG_7628 copyIMG_7539 copy IMG_7544 copy

Wedding in Long Lake, MN:

IMG_7979 IMG_7955 copy  IMG_8265 copy  IMG_8276 copy


Awesome party, right?

IMG_8348 copy IMG_8388 copy

North Shore:

IMG_8966 copy IMG_8941

IMG_8982 copy IMG_8975

IMG_9100 copy IMG_9116 copy

IMG_9212 copy IMG_9181

While I totally overbooked myself, and now know much better for next year, I still had a great time with everything!! I almost feel like I’m now headed into hibernation. Oh well – if the summer can blow past, so can the winter, right? Onward and upward!