… And no, I am not turning my business towards weddings even after the wonderful summer and fall I have spent shooting. It’s still not going to be my focus BUT I’m warming up to the idea of doing a wedding or two every once in a while. The couple would just need to be awesomely cute!


This last wedding that I worked on with Emily was on 10-10-10 in a tucked away little spot in Wisconsin. The location was a small, budding vineyard and the decorations were all handmade crafts. Totally my style.

IMG_3117 copy

When we got there, Macey {the Bride} was just arriving and finishing up the details. She had sign painting, furniture moving, light hanging, table decorating and self beautifying to do.

IMG_1981 copy  IMG_2133 copy

My guess is that Macey comes from an all around creative family. While Macey came up with some of the greatest little decorations, her mom used her talents to make this incredible bouquet of fabric, buttons and jewels transformed into amazing little flowers. This was Macey’s bouquet…

IMG_2251 copy  IMG_2119 copy

And because of the location, we got the most amazing photos of Macey’s dress … Magnifique!

 IMG_2027 copy

 IMG_2034 copy  IMG_2039 copy

IMG_2068 copy  IMG_1955 copy

… love love LOVE that dress photo. Love.

  IMG_2189 copy  IMG_2192 copy

… simply GORGEOUS bride!

IMG_2228 copy

The setting was absolutely amazing which makes photos come so easily. Seriously – if all weddings were this gorgeous then I could TOTALLY make this my job…

IMG_3297 copy

oh yes … and all brides have to be this fun too. That’s my other requirement. No Bridezillas, please.

IMG_3347 copy  IMG_2122

Horay!! Happy beautiful, vineyard, DIY wedding, Macey and Justin!