We are only 4 days into December, a month where I rarely see daylight, and I am already looking forward to January. Not that I dislike my job, but I am really looking forward to less stressful work days {ie: less yelling and fewer Christmas cards} and more time at home. One thing that is going to be great is that in my ‘down time’ this month I have fun things to do! Snow to play in, skiing to do, photos to take and photos to have taken, plays to see, kitties to love, presents to make, presents to wrap and beer to bottle. Yahoo 2010!


Last night marked a {lovely} snow storm that caused my 20 minute commute home to be 60 minutes including 40 of those coasting at less than 10mph. That sort of snow storm leads to one thing – fun fun photos! {Surprised by that answer, aren’t ya?}

Mur and I got up nice and early this morning, made coffee, dressed for a blizzard, packed up the camera and took off for Lake Harriet.

IMG_4708 copy

It was excellent! The sun was peeking out. The wind was crisp. And I was able to get some {seriously needed!!} exercise.

IMG_4696 copy

… oh yeah, and got some more ‘epic’ shots of the Mur-ster. He is really a good sport about the whole thing – especially if he has already had a cup of coffee.

IMG_4733 copy

IMG_4736 copy

… and what’s a nice day without a keepsake. We now have images for our newest album, soon to be released. Thoughts?

IMG_4718 copy  IMG_4721 copy

Happy December!! And if I can stay awake, have an energy left and can think straight I will make sure to keep posting through the month of December …. No promises though