I gotta say, I love Christmas clearance sales. Really love them. My aunt and I went nice and early the morning after Christmas and a full cart and lots of hard earned $$ later, I walked out with new storage tubs, wrapping paper, candy, a flannel shirt, mini-dog bones and a handful of other gotta-have-and-can’t-live-without goodies. Woot!

And then today, to avoid ishy traffic and stock up on some of my favorite shirts, I decided to stop by Target on my way home from work. I casually meandered through the woman’s clothes department, pondered getting some skinny jeans, went and picked out some nummy looking bread and then thought, ‘meh – might as well see if they have any Christmas stuff left… I’m already here.’

Oh.boy. Jackpot.

As of tonight, the girls now have holiday PJs and a nice warm winter hat – with ear holes. ha! 

IMG_5565 copy  IMG_5582 copy 

Immediately after getting home I got out their new jammies and got them all comfortable and dressed for bed. I’m sure their squeals were those of enjoyment, but I can’t be positive.

 IMG_5508 copy  IMG_5527 copy

Once they both squirmed out of their PJs, I decided to give the hat a whirl. For a little perspective, here are a few shots of the hat keeping my {most favorite lens in the world} warm.

IMG_5569 copy  IMG_5575 copy 

ah!! love.it.lots. Now I’m sure you understand the reason this was an irresistible purchase – it’s tiny, it has ear flaps AND ear holes, and it’s a hat. for a cat.

IMG_5594 copy

Doesn’t she look warm and WONDERFUL?

Tara is a bit more feisty, so getting the hat on her and getting photos wasn’t quite so easy. I bet during nap time I could coax her into it. ha! She will probably sleep with one eye open from here on out.

IMG_5585 copy  IMG_5587 copy  IMG_5598 copy

So the moral of this amazing post is that you should always check out the Christmas clearance section because you never know what you’ll find. And Digi – you are my hero for putting up with me and my wardrobe choices.