In the end, it took me less time to edit and organize all the photos from my session with The Steffens and lil Gwenny than it took to actually make it happen! Sheesh! After a blizzard, a car change and another snow storm, we finally were able to get together the day after Christmas. And now, I can’t wait any longer to share the sweetness and cuteness of this family. Get ready for a super long post of super cuteness.

IMG_5096 copy

These are the Steffens! Emily and Aaron and their lovely kids, Gwen and Edward {aka Pug}. I know Emily as an AMAZING photographer and a sweet and wonderful person. And …. they have the best pugs ever.

IMG_5127 copy  IMG_5110 copy 

When I got to their home they were both dressed so cute with their coordinating outfits and fantastic hats. And they both had great and simple ideas of what they wanted out of their portraits. They made it so easy!

IMG_5107 copy  IMG_5105 copy

 IMG_5451 copy  IMG_5442 copy

IMG_5456 copy

They have such a gorgeous home and location that I had such a good time taking photos! With that backdrop I could have stayed for hours!! And check out these guys – who wouldn’t love to hang out and cuddle with them?? 🙂

IMG_5139 copy  IMG_5157 copy

IMG_5162 copy  IMG_5166 copy

ah! so cute!

IMG_5202 copy  IMG_5207 copy

Emily and lil Gwen are such a good and happy match!! Gwen has so much energy that I know she keeps the 2 of them on their toes at all times. And Edward seems to be sooooo good at putting up with her puppy antics!

IMG_5212 copy  IMG_5213 copy

IMG_5218 copy  IMG_5225 copy

IMG_5388 copy  IMG_5402 copy

{insert squeal of excitement for!}

IMG_5483 copy  IMG_5491 copy  IMG_5495 copy


IMG_5424 copy

We jumped back and forth a bit from the outdoor pics to the indoor pics to make sure the lil one didn’t get too chilled. With it being right at Christmas time we had a great backdrop of their beautiful tree.

IMG_5250 copy  IMG_5367 copy

She was such a puppy and so cuddly and jumpy and adorable that it was a bit of a challenge to get her to sit still. Emily and Aaron were great and with the help of a treat or two, she could be persuaded to look calm and collected. And then seconds later, she got all jumpy again …

IMG_5324 copy  IMG_5365 copy

IMG_5374 copy

… the tail shot. This was the trickiest photo because it was always wagging!

IMG_5377 copy

IMG_5337 copy  IMG_5301 copy

And after so many Gwen photos, we were able to persuade Edward to come back for a few more.

IMG_5254 copy  IMG_5262 copy

  ……… phew. What an afternoon!! Thanks Steffens! You are lovely rock stars with stinkin adorable pugs. Woot!