As I mentioned over a month ago, Mur and I took a {much needed!} vacation to Mexico to see the sites, smell the smells, eat the eats and see his sis Margee. It was a blast. A big one. We spent time on the beach and time in the mountains and time in the city. Ah-mazing! And I spent this last Sunday editing over 150 photos from the trip, these posts are going to come in installments . Hold tight! And welcome to Mexico!

Mur and I got into Oaxaca, Mexico in the evening and made our way to our hotel via taxi. When we got there it was a real awakening that I was not only in another country with another language but that my High School Spanish was failing me right at that moment. I had been told people don’t really speak English but honestly, I think I was a little naïve to that… I wasn’t expecting people on the streets to know English but I was expecting someone in a hotel who had a 1/2 English website to know at least a bit. Nope. But it was definitely a {fun} experience to fumble through. In the end our reservation for Margaret was given to the first Margaret to arrive {ie: not us} but they happened to have a room for us anyways – phew! And all that was worked out with broken Spanish and wild hand gestures. Point for Jessica.

The next morning we had the best breakfast ever. Maybe that was because we were sitting in a jungle having a homemade breakfast cooked feet from our table while parrots whistled behind us atop the biblioteca. Not sure. But it was amazing. After breakfast we just sat. And sat. We sun screened our pasty Minnesota colored skin and sat on the patio outside our room reading, soaking up the sun and taking photos.

mexico ornate wall sculpture

mexico plants mexican butterfly 

mexico flower photography

mexico patio photography mexico portrait

And after a nap and a little too much sun for my pasty and Minnesota colored skin, we met up with Margee and went on a food tour. Mmm food tour! It was amazing and I had some of my absolute favorite foods – can’t wait to recreate them – and then we were in bed by 10. Yep – that’s how we roll on vacation.

The next morning it was off again to more food…

mexico food portrait mexico food portraits 2

And fun sights…

mexico aqueduct mexico statuemexico aqueduct, chocolate moose images, fine art photography Untitled-31

Shortly there after Mur and I got to experience how one travels in Mexico… And I gotta say it’s pretty awesome!! If I knew the language I’m sure I would have appreciated even more at the time and while on my own, but looking back, even just the transportation options makes me want to learn Spanish for next time!!

We went up to Hierve el Agua which translates to boiling water … it was not boiling. Not even close. We went swimming in these wonderful pools that overlooked a valley below but it was chil-ly! But still. I was in my swimsuit in February and not surrounded by snow so I really couldn’t complain that much…

mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose imagesmexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images

mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images

mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images, fine art photography

mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images, fine art photography mexico vistas, portraits, chocolate moose images, fine art photography 

Oh just looking at these makes we want to go back!! well, stay tuned for part 2 and probably 3 … with this many photos I can’t bog you down all at once!