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I love this tree. I’ve loved it for a while. When I first went to ‘my Iowa vacation home,’ Mur showed off the land by way of a 4Wheeler trip. As we went past this tree he told me he had always loved it and that he thought if he ever had a job in Hollywood he would love to be the ‘tree finder’ for movies. He said this one always reminded him of the tree from Shawshank Redemption, one of his favorite movies. After he proposed he asked me if I knew it was coming. I said I had a feeling {which was a bit of an understatement} but that I expected it to happen under his favorite tree. He laughed a bit and hugged me tight. He said something along the lines of “wow you do know me well. I was planning that but they haven’t mowed the path recently and I didn’t want to make us walk all the way out there.”

Clearly, it’s a pretty amazing spot.

Dad and I hiked out there one evening at sunset when we were there in September and got some beautiful photos. It was great to go on a photo adventure with him and to take photos of this tree at the perfect time of night. I had envisioned having some photos taken under the tree at our wedding and Mur was really excited about that. Well, as excited as he got for photos of us 🙂