Gotcha Day!

Goodness, the response to our first post was lovely! It was the proof we needed that we should have taken fewer naps over the last two years and studied the Big Glowing Box more!! If somehow you did miss it, you may want to go read that first so you know what the hey is going on …


Welcome back!


So, speaking of two years … We celebrated our Gotcha Day anniversary this weekend! Mom has been asking us (in a rather annoying high pitched voice that she seems to be reserved for only us) what we think of the last two years. ‘Do we have any requests for the next 2?’ she says … And my thought is ‘Why are we talking 2 years? … I think we need to plan projects for June. I want a kitty palace in the near future!’ 

Digi and Tarrazu - the cats behind chocolate moose images - talk about their gotcha day Digi and Tarrazu - the cats behind chocolate moose images - talk about their gotcha day

Dad built us this set up after we first came home, but Digi is convinced it’s just the tip of the iceberg in the world of kitty condos.


Anyhow, this time last year mom wrote a bit about us and how we came to call the Square, basement and that pillow in front of the fireplace our home. I suppose it’s accurate … But here is how WE remember it.

Many moons ago we had a lovely mother who was covered in orange stripes. We’ll call her Orangeina! And her mom was a nice 2 legged lady who had lots of wrinkles and loved to hold Orangeina on her lap and cuddle. We’ll call her Orangeinamom. It was quite a surprise when Orangeinamom (and her caretaker) realized that Orangeina was going to have kittens! Once we were all here we were gosh darn irresistible. Orangeina was a great mom and helped us grow big and strong and always made sure we got along together. I was picked on the most because I was the smallest and when this happened Orangeina tried to break things up and told my sisters ‘play nice with her! with her extra toes she can swat you extra hard!’  It was the best piece of advice she ever gave me!

Then came the day where we had to leave Orangeina for good. Orangeinamom and her caretaker had been telling us about a ‘new home’ and ‘new mom’ for a few days now so we were prepared for that.

But we were not prepared for the car ride getting there!

There were 3 of us looking for new homes so the lot of us were put into the back of the car and driven around in circles for what felt like forever.

I think I bit you.

I think you did too!

When we finally stopped there was a big car next to us and a very, very blonde girl who was standing nearby. She clearly wanted to hold and love us and could barely wait to get us out of the box. It was a little intimidating, to say the least! Orangeinamom’s caretaker is who brought us out and she described the personalities of the three of us as best she could. I remember her saying that I needed extra love because I had extra toes. I liked that reasoning! I hoped that my new mom would take that to heart.

And for me she said that I talked to my toys when I played with them … That’s true but really, I talk to anything and everything when I want something. I talk to mom to demand the back door be opened or that we be fed, I talk to the birds to demand that they come a wee bit closer, I talk to the neighbor dog to warn that as soon as I get down to his level there will be trouble for all that barking and I talk to my shrimp toys saying ‘here pretty pretty.’

So something that Orangeinamom’s caretaker said made our new mom decide that we were the ones that got a new home. As soon as our new mom got us to our new home and we were able to roam and explore and we met dad, we were happy campers!! And since then our life has been rather grand.

Digi and Tarrazu - the cats behind chocolate moose images - talk about their gotcha day Digi and Tarrazu - the cats behind chocolate moose images - talk about their gotcha day

Of course there have been the ups and downs…

By ups do you mean the bat in the bedroom?

Well, I guess that was one of them, yes.

Yeah I knew it. I want to tell that story when we get there.

No problem! After all, you helped get it out of the sky so dad could trap it in a sheet.

True. That was me. I’m pretty fearless. (holds head high)

(rolls eyes) yes, you sure are.


Well, that pretty much sums up our Gotcha Day story!! Hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget that if you do have any questions or stories you’d like us to answer or tell, feel free to comment here or send us notes at our very own notebox!