Weeks and weeks ago a good friend of mine asked if I would take care of her kitties while her and her wife were away on a fantastic vacation to Seattle. I didn’t even have to think about it – of course I would! She is an awesome friend, she has taken care of my cats more times than I think I can count and duh, it’s taking care of cats – it’s not like I’m watering plants or something.


I actually had the pleasure of photographing these two kiddos 2 years ago shortly after Charly and Jaime adopted them. They haven’t changed too much except that Dijon was not thrilled that his moms were gone. He barely left his hiding place and actually wound up making me jump one morning when he all of a sudden appeared in the kitchen! But Hobbs … Hobbs was a lover and really, really enjoys her tassley toy 🙂 We had a great time all week and I was so excited to get some new photos of this little pumpkin in their super fun kitchen.