… I want to say ‘nice’ but something about that pun makes me want to scream. So I’m not officially saying it. But it is nice here. 

I am absolutely amazed that I spent 12 hours out and about, walking, seeing, eating, drinking, reading, writing and art appreciating, yet here I am. A handful of images downloaded, tweaked and ready to post. How am I doing this, you may ask? “But Jess, it takes you ages to post anything!” I know. I hear you. But this place is so … nice!!

Ideally I will do a proper post when I’m feeling super poetic, but for now, I just want to show off some cool things I got to see today! Spoiler alert: no food photos were taken today. Not a single one. As I have just realized this fact, I am also noting the reason for that is because I pretty much inhaled my meals today. 3 weeks of eating like a king has made me hungry pretty much all the time. I feel this bodes well for my inevitable pasta consumption in Italy starting tomorrow…



Photo bombed by a pigeon!! 




I love this church!! I think part of what I loved was that it was so inconspicuous looking on a tiny, secluded street, that I only walked the steps to get away from a bus load of loud, backpack laden tourists coming right for me. And then when I peeked inside I saw that ^^^ and had to investigate further … Pretty incredible everything that went into this – the good and the bad, I’m sure. 


Ok. Public service announcement: these shoes are amazing. I spent over 12 hours in them – about 10ish walking and 2ish sitting – and they hugged my feet all day with few complaints. If Birkenstock ever needs help selling their shoes, this nice American would certainly volunteer for an infomercial