This post gets that title because it best describes my day … I am in Italy and am still trying to get used to sleeping very few hours a night. I love staying up late and don’t mind getting up early, but typically I’m not out at a bar until 3am [wearing 4″ heels, mind you!!] I’m certainly having fun, but my body is starting to want a holiday from all this holiday!

I have been in Italy for 9 days now. [Wow, that’s fun to be able to say!! A literal dream come true!!] My lovely, lovely friend has been amazing at showing me around this region but I haven’t explored any further than Umbria. Until today, that is … Today we are renting a car and going south to Napoli for the night. We will have less than 24 hrs to explore but we’ve both decided it’s totally worth it. She’s never been and I don’t know when I’ll be able to do this again… So it’s a carpe dium sort of moment.

Right now I’m sitting in a moderately smokey Italian [roadside] bar waiting for this lovely lady to finish work so we can high tail it out of here!! 

 a self portrait of Angelica and Jess in Assisi in front of the basillica de san fernando 

So since my wifi access is quite limited while in Italy, I figured I’d seize this opportunity and try to put together a blog post.

In the last 9 days, I’ve explored a handful of little villages close to Perugia as well as Perugia itself. In a nutshell, I’ve done a lot of walking, a lot of listening to Italian and a lot of people watching. And truth be told, while the villages are all great and have beautiful churches, they do start to run together after a while. I’ve been trying to find something real memorable from each so I can keep them straight in my mind…

 a hidden street in Trevi with lovely plants and stairs every which way 

The winding roads of Trevi with their hidden treasures.

 the basillica de san fernando in Assisi  at sunset in April 

The sunset from Assisi.

 inside the duomo of Orvieto showing off its stripes 

The duomo from Orvieto.


The happy hour from Todi.

I’m excited to see how I remember Napoli! Will it be for the pizza? Coffee? Desserts? The road trip through southern italy? I’ll keep you posted!!