Yep. That is the title of my post. Am I trying to be clever? Nah – just being honest. This really is a quick update with photos from what I have dubbed my European Adventure.

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly working on photos from my whirlwind 92 days abroad. And at this point I am feeling rather guilty that I haven’t written anything in the 4 weeks I’ve been back in the states. I’d also like to know where 4 weeks went?!


the Duomo in Florence as seen from the bell tower – possibly the best thing I did in Florence! would recommend everyone do this EARLY in the morn. seriously. get out of bed, grab an espresso and go directly here. 



With hundreds of photos to comb through, I’m not quite ready to whip up posts on everything, however I feel like I’ve got some fun ones that can stand on their own. As always, connect with me on Instagram to see the latest and [self described] greatest photos from my days. There are often cats on there. Shocking, I’m sure!!



oh just Roman ruins… no big deal.
oh wait. that’s AMAZING and a HUGE deal! 

So kick back and enjoy this peek at a few neato spots around Europe that I spent at least one day (though no guarantees on 2+ … this lady kept movin!)


Naples post eating the most amazing pizza of my life and pre eating octopus on the ocean 


Spanish sardines cooked on the beach in a lazy suzan boat thingy … so cool and decently hard to explain without a follow up photo. Patience, please 🙂


One of the countless castles in Germany. This was awesome. It felt really possible to find an old knight skeleton in one of these dungeons. 


And this is what a Paris train station looks like at 5am. You can hear the crickets. 


Then I met up with my cousin in Iceland and suddenly acquired proof of me traveling! … And yes, I realize this is not the most distinguishing set of my features, however I trust you know the bag and messy blonde up do at this juncture 🙂 


And because I LOVE animals and just found this photo after coming home, I have to post this on here as well. You may have seen it on my Instagram but I just love it.

World, meet my favorite cow. Cow, meet the world. 

Yay! Finally! Images have made it to the light of day!! … Now off to dinner and then maybe back to it? I’m feeling inspired all of a sudden 🙂