… excited for what?

Oh I don’t know! And honestly, I don’t even care today ūüôā I’m just in a good mood! Lately so much has been going on (shocker, I’m sure…) Work was insane leading up to the holidays, I started to (really!) get the travel itch again and simultaneously I’ve been nesting like crazy in my new apartment that has a fireplace, space for me to spread out my crafts and no one to hold me accountable with my pile of dirty dishes or scraps of fabric all over the place.


This morning I finally got¬†back in touch with someone from high school with LOADS of suggestions and ideas for what she and a friend can do while in New Zealand. Pulling up maps, googling¬†names of restaurants and going through old photos made me nostalgic not just for New Zealand at large, but for the simple day to day life. I love that making a trip into town to pick my own produce, finishing up a long day of work,¬†sharing beers with the crew and¬†checking out library books are the things that jump out. For me, that’s¬†the mark of a good adventure!



It was delightfully wintery today – crisp, windy, sunny and snowy – so I went for a walk in the woods but now that I’m home and eating chili¬†with a fire in the fireplace, I’m again reminiscing about my little life there. So, voila. A handful of photos and thoughts of the¬†not-as-flashy¬†version¬†of New Zealand.

[the brewery I worked at]

[that time i shoveled compost to pay my rent]

[mastering my driving on the opposite side of the road]

[the rascals i called co-workers for 8 months and friends for much longer]

[baby chicks!]

[ok this one is kinda epic…… sorry, couldn’t resist ūüėČ ]

I love those times when remembering what¬†I’ve done, the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve lived can put me in such a happy and excited mood. Not only because of the obvious and¬†tangible, but because of the anticipation of the unknown, the undecided, the undreamt. Because of the endless possibilities in¬†life.

And on that note, I think I’m going to go day dream¬†more … And look at more travel guides. And try to¬†make more progress¬†on a new car to buy so I can start working on the plans for my next adventure ūüôā Stay tuned!

Cheers everyone! Happy 2016!¬†As always, make it a good one. I can tell it’s going to be¬†another fabulous year.